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Transport Canada recently issued an Equivalency Certificate to the Canadian Propane Association which allows members to transport up to a 500USWG tank back to their facility if they follow the conditions outlined in Equivalency Certificate SH 11577 (Ren. 2).

Below is a short list of key elements of the certificate including:

  • Tank built to comply with CSA B51 (requires a CRN).
  • May contain more than 5% by volume.
  • Transported one-way only, direct from consumer site, back to the nearest propane plant.
  • Only one tank on the load at a time.
  • The truck or trailer is designed to be capable of carrying the load.
  • Visually inspected for leaks and integrity. A signed and dated copy of the inspection must accompany the tank. A damaged or leaking tank does not comply with this certificate.
  • Tank cannot be lifted by lifting lugs. You must use an appropriate sling.
  • The tank must not sit on its legs and must be in an upright position. Cradles designed for this purpose are available and must be used.

This is not an exhaustive list. All elements of the certificate and related TDG regulations must be complied with in order to meet the conditions of transporting these tanks. See SH 11577 (Ren.2) for more details.



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