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Is Tank Monitoring Right For You?

Wireless Applications Corporation, or WAC n'GO, is an international company specializing in telemetry communication and tank level monitoring. The company is based out of Israel and uses Swiss technology and hardware to supply one of the most efficient and durable monitors in the world. They are capable of monitoring, but are not limited to, propane tanks, oil tanks, and meter applications.

What does this mean for you? Well, the biggest benefit is that you will begin to see a maximization of efficiency in your bulk truck deliveries (both residential and commercial). Current customers are witnessing an average of 30% savings on overall operational and logistical costs.

WAC n’GO features an email notification system that goes straight to your computer or handheld, so you never miss an alert. You can see every fill up and even be aware if your competition is filling your tanks. Finally, you will increase customer satisfaction by confidently ensuring they will never run out of gas.

My customers who currently use this product all seem to have the same feedback when asked about their overall experience, claiming that WAC n’GO's attention to detail, responsiveness, and on time delivery are second to none!

One company had a challenge that couldn't be resolved via online or by phone. So, a WAC n’ GO representative flew from Israel, was here the next day, and had everything up and running within a couple of hours. The unit has been working perfectly ever since. Now that's customer service! My personal experience with this company has been very similar to the ones experienced by my customers. WAC n'GO are “hands down” one of the brightest and most supportive companies I've ever worked with. They present themselves with a strong sense of class, professionalism and strive to be the very best in their industry.


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