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The VENTUR-EVAC Tank Evacuation Tool



Diversco is proud to announce the launch of The VENTUR-EVAC Tank Evacuation Tool.  The VENTUR-EVAC is designed to safely and effectively aid with infield tank evacuations without the need for costly pump and/or compressor set-ups that require ongoing maintenance.  The tool is of welded construction, light weight and easy to use. It has ZERO moving parts and has no sources of ignition. It has been designed specifically FOR the propane industry BY propane professionals.  Evacuating a propane tank has never been easier.


How does it work?


One person, one Bobtail, two transfer hoses one VENTUR-EVAC Tool and is now all that’s required to safely and efficiently evacuate a tank set in the field using the principles of fluid dynamics.


Inside the VENTUR-EVAC is a Venturi nozzle within its heavy duty, welded steel construction. Liquid passes through the Venturi, at an increased flow rate by using the Bobtails pump and delivery nozzle connected to the inlet. The restriction in flow caused by the Venturi increases the velocity of the liquid across the nozzle and at the same time causes a pressure drop at the orifice and secondary connection point. By having hose assemblies connected to the liquid and vapour connections of the tank set to be evacuated and the delivery truck, the pressure drop (approx. 25 PSID) across the nozzle allows the liquid inside the tank to start to flow in to the secondary inlet of the nozzle at a slightly higher pressure than that at the primary inlet.  Similar to a compressor set-up, the tank being evacuated will be at a higher pressure than that at the orifice nozzle allowing the liquid to free flow back into the Bobtail. It’s fast at approx. 10-15 GPM, easy to use and can be operated/connected by one trained individual. It’s that easy.


Tank evacuations can now be performed by your delivery drivers while they are on their routes.  By carrying the VENTUR-EVAC in the tool box of your bulk truck, additional service personnel are not required.  


The VENTUR-EVAC also allows the driver to immediately remedy overfills by connecting the VENTUR-EVAC to remove excess gallons.   


The VENTUR-EVAC can also aid in making temporary tanks sets easier to deal with or assets due for maintenance as they undoubtedly will have too much propane to transport. Gone are the days of dispatching two-man crews to pick up steel to return to the yard. Dispatch one bulk truck and one driver to ready them for pick-up/transport.


It’s so simple, why didn’t we think of it sooner!





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