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Head Office Staff Directory
Jon Huddle
Bob Statham
Tim Huddle
President of Recreational Group
Corey Boone
President of Propane and Natural Gas
Floyd Running
VP of Sales (LPG)
Kim Larkin
Accounting Mgr.
Karen Pitts
Administrative Assist.
Bobbi-Ann Lindberg
Veronique Richard
Boyce Randell
Warehouse Mgr. & Purchasing
James Yeo
Marketing and Product Support Manager
Tiffany Huddle
Marketing Assistant
Melissa Boyes
Graphic Design & Marketing
Wendell King
Ontario Sales Mgr.
Francis Fitzgerald
Ontario Sales Rep. (South)
Chris Chapelle
Ontario Customer Service
Calgary Staff Directory
Steve Scott
Alberta Customer Service
Montreal Staff Directory
Benoit Ruel
Quebec Sales Rep
Marc Latour
Quebec Customer Service
Stephane Riouz
Quebec Sales Rep.
New Brunswick Staff Directory
Tim Walford
Atlantic Sales Rep
Winnipeg Staff Directory
Ken Mathews
Prairie Sales Rep.
Saskatoon Staff Directory
Ken Mathews
Prairie Sales Rep.